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September 2009
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David Hoffman is Running for What???

David Hoffman 2Last week, I wrote a post asking “Who is David Hoffman?” I wanted to know what David Hoffman, the candidate, is about? What are his views? What is his opinion on health care? What about Wall Street bailouts? I quickly learned the answer after his campaign emailed me.

However, the question remains: Who is David Hoffman?– in terms of do you know David Hoffman exists? After getting the email from his campaign, I asked that question to 20 Chicago area residents, ranging from age 20 to roughly 65. Included in the small sample is a lawyer, court reporter, security guard, salesman, nanny/student, social worker, small business owner, and even a couple republicans (I found it funny when one guy reflexively apologized for being a republican). I asked the following questions:

“Do you know who David Hoffman is?

“If I told you he was running against Alexi Giannoulias in the democratic primary for the Obama senate seat would you know who he is?”

Of 20 people asked, one person knew.

I heard: “I know David Hasselhoff!” in jest.

I heard many times: I know who Alexi is!”

Both big problems for this reform minded politician. David Hoffman has a message that at the very least should be heard. It is unfortunate that his campaign is not getting traction. The Illinois democratic party has reluctantly thrown its weight behind Alexi Giannoulias (reluctantly, according to a September 16, 2009, Politico story). Hoffman cites the public’s crisis of trust and lack of faith in politicians as the reason why he is making his senate bid. Politically, Hoffman is in favor of the public option and he questions what the government has done in the last year to punish those culpable for the Wall Street meltdown and does not see that the government has done anything to prevent it from happening again. In short, he questions the accountability of politicians and the specials interests they protect and it appears wants to bring accountability back to Illinois and Washington.

I got much of this from his interview with Carol Marin on Chicago Tonight. Good interview, you can see it here:

When I initially saw the interview (the morning of September 20th), there were 70 views (in a state with a population of 12.6 million). It’s a good interview as at least you will know Who David Hoffman is– in terms of his existence and a little about his political views (Cheryle Jackson, the President of the Chicago Chapter of the Urban League is also running in the democratic primary).

If David Hoffman is to have a shot in February, more than 1 in 20 are going to have to know that he exists. Take it look at his interview and pass on the link, whether you agree with him or not. Rather than automatically voting for someone we’ve heard of, we need to know the alternatives when they present themselves to keep our politicians accountable to us. David Hoffman is one of those alternatives.

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