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January 2010
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A nice little political vacation is over! Vote February 2nd!

Although I love politics, it has been nice not having to hear all the bickering on MSNBC, Fox and CNN over the last six weeks. I’ve purposefully listened to ESPN radio and The Score in the car rather than WLS890 and Progressive Talk 820. Although generally my moods were better not having to argue with certain radio personalities, I suppose having to listen to what Jim Hendry and the Cubs were doing in the winter meetings attempting to get rid of the albatross named Milton Bradley coupled with having to watch the Bears getting whipped in football games when they mattered– perhaps political talk isn’t so bad.

Politics is heating up in Illinois. The Illinois primary elections are February 2, 2010, less than three weeks away. We have several key races, so I will have to go back to work and let you know who I think will make the best candidate for selected offices. Races of particular interest include: Cook County Board President (democratic primary race), U.S. Senate (democratic primary race) and Illinois Governor (republican race). These are the top three races that actually mean something. I suppose we could debate Pat Quinn versus Dan Hynes, but they are pretty much interchangeable as both parts of the same machine. I’ll concentrate on the GOP race for governor, only because I think that no matter who wins the democratic primary– we must vote Republican for governor. A vote for either Quinn or Hynes is a vote for more of the same. Hopefully, we’ve learned the last year with Quinn in office that we need a fundamental change in policy in Springfield, starting with the governor’s mansion.

By the way, as of January 14, 2010, according to, Quinn leads Hynes 49% to 23% with 22% undecided. On the Republican side, Jim Ryan garners 26%, Andy McKenna 12%, Bill Brady 10%, Kirk Dillard, 9% and three others at 6% or less, while 31% are undecided.

The following are the candidates for some of the important Illinois primary races:

United States Senate (Republican)

John Arrington

Patrick Hughes

Mark Kirk

Don Lowery

Andy Martin

Kathleen Thomas

United States Senate (Democratic)

Alexi Giannoulias

David Hoffman

Cheryle Jackson

Robert Marshall

Jacob Meister


Illinois Governor (Republican)

Andrew Andrzejewski

Bill Brady

Kirk Dillard

Andy McKenna

Dan Proft

Jim Ryan

Bob Schillerstrom

Illinois Governor (Democratic)

Dan Hynes

Pat Quinn

Cook County Board President

Dorothy Brown

Terrence O’Brien

Toni Preckwinkle

Todd Stroger


So, do some research– perhaps go to’s Election Center and find out where the candidates stand on the issues and make an informed choice. Good luck and remember: have your voice heard. If you’re tired of this mess that is Illinois politics, or even if you’re not and like the status quo: Get out there and vote!

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