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January 2010
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The GOP’s Jim Ryan for Adult Supervision in Illinois

Problem: the State of Illinois is nearly $5 billion behind in payments for services already rendered. Nearly $5 billion in unpaid bills. In 2010, the state of Illinois will be $12 billion in the red. $12,000,000,000. Think about that: the State of Illinois is planning on spending $12 billion dollars more than it has. The 2010 budget is $26 billion dollars. Of that budget, $12 billion or nearly 50% is money the state does not have. Problem?

The problem is our state overspends. If this doesn’t stop, our state will go bankrupt. Governor Quinn had an opportunity to demonstrate how he would fix this mess and his plan is to overspend by $12 billion. That plan– and past plans like it– is directly responsible for our problems. The politicians vying for our vote are now trying to make the problems and potential solutions complex– like we can’t possibly understand. Yet, the solution is really simple: we spend only what we have. That’s the way it works in my household.

To get our state out of this mess, we need a Republican governor. Only a Republican will stand up to the special interests that dominate Springfield– as democrats dominate Springfield’s special interests. Only a Republican will say no. In endorsing Andy McKenna, the Chicago Tribune said that Illinois needs “adult supervision” that only McKenna can provide. Although I agree our politicians in Springfield need supervision, by looking at his campaign, I’m not certain Andy McKenna has been very adult.

Andy McKenna has been less than honest regarding his political connections. He claims he’s an outsider, yet, he’s run the Illinois GOP for the last four years. McKenna also claims he won’t raise taxes and has signed a pledge not to. McKenna has skewered his opponents for failing to sign the same pledge. Maybe as governor he really won’t raise taxes, however, is it intellectually honest to promise not to raise taxes when the state is $12 billion over budget? To not even consider a tax hike– which other, intellectually honest candidates initially did not take off the table– seems a little gimmicky to me. Or just a flat out lie (however, all of the GOP candidates have now vowed to not raise taxes). At a Countryside political forum on January 12th McKenna dodged questions about his pledge not to raise taxes. When called out on his campaign promise not to raise taxes by Republican State Senator Bill Brady, Mr. McKenna angrily shot back “I don’t respect you enough to answer that question.”

Adult supervision? Chicago Tribune, are you rethinking your endorsement?

If that’s the type of leadership we want in Springfield– snapping at opponents– maybe we should call back Rod Blagojevich. But more importantly, I would like that question answered. Does he respect to voters of the State of Illinois enough to answer the question? I would like to know how Andy McKenna intends on fixing our budget deficit without raising taxes. Cut $12 billion in spending? Specifically what spending? I completely agree that spending cuts must be made (and would suggest starting with AFSCME contracts)– however, its disingenuous to think that he’ll be able to find $12 billion to cut out of the budget without considering a tax hike (remember Illinois has one of the lowest income tax rates in the nation).

Moreover, Mr. McKenna and the rest of his Republican brethren– except one– display the he who talks loudest is correct attitude of a town hall meeting participant yelling into the microphone. On January 26th, I received an email from the McKenna/Murphy campaign with the subject line: “Kirk Dillard: Obama Supporter, Tax Raiser.” In the email, Matt Murphy, McKenna’s running mate, writes: “Kirk Dillard– a Republican– publically supported Barack Obama…” It continued: “Brian, the fact is, we can’t afford a Governor who supported Barack Obama…”

What Illinois can’t afford right now is childish antics, finger pointing, and name calling. Illinois cannot afford a candidate who has to mimic conservative television commentators who can raise the ire of the ignorant but know nothing about passing legislation. What Illinois needs is leadership; Andy McKenna’s campaign has shown little of it. At least Kirk Dillard had the intellectual honesty to tell you what he thought about Barack Obama regardless of party affiliation– if anything, we need more people like that in Springfield. People who will look at ideas regardless of which side of the aisle they originate.

Chicago Tribune– is Andy McKenna still your choice for adult supervision? If so, who is your choice for sophomoric political stunts?

Although democrats have gotten our state into this mess, a republican governor will still need to work with democrats running the General Assembly to fix it. The only one willing to do that– and how has done it in the past– is Jim Ryan. Jim Ryan has experience in Springfield as our Attorney General from 1995-2002. More importantly, Jim Ryan has the temperament to make good on his promise to fix the mess. Our next governor is going to need help fixing the budget. Name calling, pointing fingers and fighting a democratic General Assembly will only get us more budget stalemates. We need a governor who will ask the tough questions about funding that has to be eliminated, work with the General Assembly to get a budget in timely, and help work our state out of this mess. Jim Ryan is that candidate.

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Comment from Chris P.
Time January 29, 2010 at 1:12 pm

Completely agree with you. Notice that McKenna did not particpiate in the last debate and that he has “allegedly” used GOP money to advance his own candidacy. Did not notice an article on this in the Tribune, though.

I’d hate to think I may have to vote democratic if McKenna wins on Tuesday.

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