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February 2010
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Primary 2010: The good, the bad, the ugly


Toni Preckwinkle: APPLAUSE. Congratulations. You ran a great, positive race. Keep it up! You have my vote in November.

Mark Kirk: I have to admit being a fan of David Hoffman. I liked his message and candidacy. But I was not going to vote for Hoffman against Mark Kirk without looking at both candidates closely. Although I disagreed with what I called a largely political stance on bringing GITMO prisoners to Thomson, Illinois, I like Kirk and I think he’d be good for Illinois. Discussing conservative disdain for Kirk, Carol Marin called him a RINO (Republican in name only) on NBC5 Tuesday night. If RINOs exist, they are republicans who will not put their party before the people they represent. That’s the type of republican Senator-elect Scott Brown appears to be when he told the national GOP not to count of his vote in all cases. In Illinois, that’s the type of republican that can win the U.S. Senate.

RINO II: Didn’t Andy McKenna try to paint Kirk Dillard as RINO? How did that work out for McKenna?

RINO III: The national GOP was looking at Illinois tonight. If the national GOP learns anything, its that the so-called RINO wins. Like Scott Brown, Kirk Dillard and Mark Kirk did well. Even the conservative that won in New Jersey in November 2009 left the fiery rhetoric at home. Note: if you want to win races, give the voters solutions, rather than demonizing the opposition.

David Hoffman: You lost today Mr. Hoffman, but I look forward to voting for you again. You are a good candidate and will be one again in the future. In seeing your concession speech, and the emotion and passion displayed, its clear you believe in what you said. You should be proud of an excellent first political race.

GOP governor’s race: WOW. That’s was fun to watch. Although my candidate (had I voted GOP) did not come up on top, it was good seeing some viable candidates for November. I look forward to voting for Kirk Dillard in the fall, or looking at Bill Brady– who I don’t really know. Good job gentlemen.

Jim Ryan: I found it classy how, while the GOP race was still well in doubt, he came down and told his supporters to go home to their families, because, running fourth in a close race, the numbers just weren’t there for him tonight. Thank you Mr. Ryan for your years of public service. You too ran a good race.






Alexi Giannoulias: I hate to say this, but I’m not a fan. I’ll listen to him over the next nine months, however, I’m prejudiced against him. He’ll have to prove to me- and hopefully the rest of the electorate– that he has more qualifications for the United States Senate than being basketball buddies with the President. The undercapitalization of his family’s Broadway Bank, after his family took millions out of the bank, leaving the FDIC to step in and take the bank over, is a real problem. Especially when some of that money is financing his campaign.

There’s a reason why Barack Obama courted Lisa Madigan to run for this senate seat. And that’s because of the embarrassment Obama will feel when Mark Kirk wins the general election. I’ll have to keep an open mind. But Giannoulias is going to have to earn my vote. He hasn’t done that yet.

Andy McKenna: I’m not a fan of Andy McKenna, but understand why he did well in the GOP primary. I’m not a fan of trying to win a race by calling your opponents “not real republicans” because he once might have supported a democrat, or because he supported a tax increase. Yes, it probably wins republican elections, but it also shows courage to tell the truth. If the democrat is a good candidate, then tell me the truth. If the state is in the hole $12 billion and you think a tax increase is going to be necessary, then tell me the truth. Not only did McKenna’s message point fingers, but he didn’t participate in debates with his opponents. When he did participate, he didn’t fare well, losing his temper at Bill Brady. Maybe we’re learning that less finger pointing and less obnoxious advertising is better when running for office. Tell me what you’re about, rather than why I should fear your opponent.



The democratic race for governor: the only one who wins is the republican nominee for governor. Brady as of 6:15 am. I held my nose as I voted for one of these candidates, my only solace was that I’d vote for the republican in the fall.

Dan Hynes: You ran a dirty, no filthy, campaign. It appears you did learn politics from your father who, ironically, demonized Harold Washington back in the 1980s. Had you played it straight– ran on your record (or even Quinn’s lack of follow through in the last year), rather than trying to pander to the black community, maybe you would have won.

Todd Stroger: Played the race card in his concession speech. He said people should pay attention to when an African-American male gets beaten down– and African American males should take note on how the system can beat you down. I agree, when an African-American man or woman is discriminated against because of the color of his skin. However, when an African-American man is just a bad president of the Cook County Board and there by nepotism, rather than merit, he should be soundly beaten by a more qualified candidate. Please note Todd, an African-American woman beat you by winning the black, white, Latino and Asian vote. Its not about being president of the Cook County black community, but rather, the president of Cook County.

Voter turnout: if you didn’t vote– as many of you did not (26% in Chicago)– then you can’t complain about the results. Voting in elections is more important than voting in American Idol. You’re a citizen of this great nation, do your duty, educate yourself and get out and vote.

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