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February 2010
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Now What Illinois Dems?

Scott Lee Cohen. Ironically, he’s the only democrat who cares more about his party than himself. Sunday, he bowed out of the race for Lieutenant Governor after he won the primary election. Prominent democrats put pressure on Scott Lee Cohen to drop out. These democrats said he would bring down the November ticket.

Like Governor Quinn can’t do that well enough himself?

Where were all these prominent democrats three weeks ago when Scott Lee Cohen was pumping $2 million of his own money into his campaign? Where was House Speaker Michael Madigan before Tuesday’s election? Its his job to vet the democratic candidates; why did that process take place Wednesday afternoon after Scott Lee Cohen won the primary? Didn’t Michael Madigan stick his heels into the ground on campaign finance because he wanted the purse strings to prevent something exactly like this from happening? So Speaker Madigan, you got your wish on campaign finance, what happened? Why were you asleep at the switch? Mr. Madigan: do you intend on doing your research on Kirk Dillard or Bill Brady before the general election?  Or do you think the republican will bow down to your wishes and resign the post after he wins? 

But, not only was Michael Madigan asleep– so were the other seasoned democratic politicians that ran against Scott Lee Cohen. So was the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the television news media. Nobody reported that this guy was problematic if elected in the primary.

Now, because nobody did their job, Scott Lee Cohen has agreed to drop out for the “good of the party.” I’m impressed. If he were any other democratic politician, he would have to be dragged away from the general election kicking and screaming. See: Rod Blagojevich, Roland Burris, Todd Stroger. Scott Lee Cohen did the right thing– the ticket would have been unable to win with him on it. But now that he’s off– arguably the most honest of the bunch– where do the democrats go?

They will go behind closed doors– out of the voter’s view– and choose who will run with Governor Quinn. Who will that be? I heard a rumor that Dan Hynes is being considered– although there are questions on whether he will run as Quinn’s number 2.

Although the party faithful does not see anything wrong with going behind closed doors and selecting a running mate for Quinn, I certainly hope the public does. This time last year we– politicians too– were all screaming about Rod Blagojevich, his rise to power and how he intended on keeping power: bullying people to get the power he craved. Now, after the 2010 primary we have these same democrats strong-arming a fairly elected outsider- there are no accusations that the election itself was unfair- out of the race so they can go into a smoke filled room and decide which one of them would make the best lieutenant governor.

If nothing else, this again proves Illinois democrats incompetent and unable to lead this state. Michael Madigan and friends were unable to identify Scott Lee Cohen to the electorate until after her won the primary election. Democrats ran their election the same way they are running our state, into the ground.  Democrats won’t be able to figure out a solution to the budget mess until after the State has to declare bankruptcy.

Thanks for that vote of confidence Mike!  I suppose we should stay tuned to see who the democratic bosses select to run with Pat Quinn.  But haven’t we had enough of that yet?

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