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April 2010
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Archive for April, 2010

Did Crist Leave the GOP or Did the GOP Leave Crist?

When asked why he left the Democratic party, Ronald Reagan responded: I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left me. That’s what happened to Charlie Crist and other moderate Republicans.

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Arizona Immigration Law a Wake Up Call

If the Federal government doesn’t enforce immigration laws, then states are going to take it upon themselves to make laws and enforce them. Meghan McCain is right, illegal immigration is a problem. If you’re breaking the law and get caught, you’re caught.

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Are we closer to vouchers in Illinois?

Senate Bill 2494, the Illinois School Choice Act, offers vouchers to families with children enrolled in Chicago’s worst performing elementary schools, defined as the bottom 10 percent, so they can take their children out of these schools and send them to a nearby private school. The amount of each voucher is the lesser of the state’s “foundation level” funding (currently, $6,119) or yearly tuition at the private school. (The average private elementary school tuition in Chicago is less than $4,500).

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Scott Stantis on Governor Quinn

Governor Pat Quinn is unable to make a tough decision.

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Illinois Representative Jack Franks (D) to Legislature: Stop Spending!

Illinois doesn’t have a revenue problem. It has a spending problem. State revenue this year is at the third-highest level in the history of Illinois. We have more money than we had in 2007. So why do we have a $13 million deficit?

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Rod, You might want to use that right to remain silent!

You have to question the legal strategy of Rod’s one-man media campaign. He’s has proven he’s unbalanced and has done so with his lawyers standing behind him allowing him. As a lawyer, the only thing I understand about the defense of this case is why so many attorneys have left. Unless the strategy is to prove he’s incompetent to stand trial, I don’t what the defense gains by Rod being on television daily. He looks like a buffoon.

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Run Forrest Run!!!

This week, County Commissioner Forrest Claypool announced that he is running as an independent for Cook County Assessor. He’ll be running mainly against the Democratic candidate, Joseph Berrios. Claypool is running for the position because Berrios would pose such “a clear threat to homeowners and senior citizens throughout the county” if he wins, Claypool felt compelled to run against him.

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Thinking Aloud….. April 10, 2010

The most recent edition of the GOP puts politics over country. The GOP had the opportunity to come to the table to fix the worst financial mess since 1929. However, the GOP saw a crisis so bad, they calculated it politically advantageous to sit out, do nothing, and not take ownership of any of the fixes and then put Barack Obama and Democrats on the hot seat when the economy didn’t turn around.

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