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April 2010
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Rod, You might want to use that right to remain silent!

Today, I was packed into a CTA “el” car with two girls yelling back and forth so they could hear themselves over the roar of the train. During this process, I learned that if you converse real loud, soundwaves are able to travel through the four people standing between the two engaged in conversation. Physics 101 on the Red Line this morning. Thank you ladies. My problem, and everyone else’s problem on that traincar, was that nobody could hear themselves think as these two teenaged girls yapped about their men and how those men treated them badly.

Maybe their boyfriends aren’t good people– but by the end of my ride they were saints, because they had to deal with these two day in and day out.

That’s how I feel about Patrick Fitzgerald after Rod Blagojevich challenged him to a fight yesterday.

That’s right, our ousted Governor challenged the US Attorney to meet him in court. “I’ll be in court tomorrow. I hope you’re man enough to be there tomorrow, too.” Rod challenged Patrick Fitzgerald, just like the tough guy in high school challenging someone to meet him at the railroad tracks after school.

That’s our Guv!

There was a brief period of time when I actually questioned whether Rod Blagojevich was guilty of the government’s accusations. I actually thought that just maybe the General Assembly might have pulled the trigger too quick on poor ole Rod. For those brief moments, I thought Rod deserved a fair hearing and that perhaps after that hearing he might be vindicated.

Now, after watching the publicity tour over the last twelve months highlighted by the inability to turn on a computer, I am convinced that he is guilty of all the allegations of wrongdoing against him. As governor, Rod earned roughly $177,000.00 annually. Eventually, his luck at the polls was going to end and he’d have to find a real job. When you don’t know how to turn on a computer your job prospects are pretty dim.

Let’s think about that. Our governor can’t turn on and use a computer. Seriously, my 94 year old grandmother can turn on a computer and technological advancement stopped in her home after AT&T came out with Call Waiting. Even if you have lackeys around doing all your work, you‘re still going to have to come home and turn on your computer to pay bills, check email, maybe build some sort of village or farm on Facebook. Not Rod. He’s at home watching television, probably getting up to change the channels. Remember those annoying commercials about the television conversion from analog to digital? That was for Rod. He was the one guy still using rabbit ears.

So after being completely nationally embarrassed again by Rod Blagojevich’s complete lack of any marketable skill on Celebrity Apprentice (This guy was the governor of what state?!?), I concluded he certainly tried to get something tangible out of Barack Obama’s vacated senate seat. Then I saw him challenge the US Attorney. And it dawned on me that there is something missing with Rod– not only a filter (between what to say and what not to say) but also reasonableness. The more I see of him, the more I’m convinced he actually believed he deserved money for the political appointment.

Now, you have to question the legal strategy of Rod’s one-man media campaign. He’s has proven he’s unbalanced and has done so with his lawyers standing behind him allowing him to vent (again!). As a lawyer, the only thing I understand about the defense of this case is why so many attorneys have left. Unless the strategy is to prove he’s incompetent to stand trial, I don’t what the defense gains by Rod being on television daily. He looks like a buffoon. Its not only my opinion, read message boards after a Rod Blagojevich story. For example:

Rod, since nobody on your current defense team will tell you, I will: We get it. You didn’t do it and you’re being railroaded. The tapes will set you free. Now, stay home. BE QUIET!

The argument that he wants all the tapes to be heard rather than just the recordings the prosecutors want heard is baseless. The judge, and not the prosecution, decides what tapes will be heard by the jury and that decision is based upon relevance All relevant tapes– whether good for the prosecution or defense– will be heard by the jury. That’s what the judge explicitly said in court today. That’s what every first year law student knows– I’m certain Rod and his coterie of attorneys knew this as well.

The first say of jury selection begins June 3, 2010, and there will be a huge circus outside the federal courthouse. Eventually, the government will put on its case. The Feds don’t lose cases. Like this one, every case the Feds try has tape of the defendant engaged in criminal activity. I hope when that guilty verdict comes down, it will be like when I got off the el car today– blessed silence.

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Comment from Jim
Time April 22, 2010 at 7:07 am

As much as I detest any form of Government corruption, Federal Prosecutors have taken these prosecutions to the extreme. George Ryan was simply an old time, different generation politician, who did typical fund raising in order to get re-elected. it was equipment failure as a result of deregulation of the trucking industry that caused the mud flap to fall off and cause the terrible accident that he gets blamed for. George Bush and every other politician uses political capital to gain advantage. So do prosecutors when they reduce sentences in exchange for testimony. It is no different. Patrick Fitzgerald is an Irish Catholic who believes in Authoritarianism. He see’s things in black and white. He also must have many anger issues and seeks to hurt people via his office and their unlimited funding. Given enough money, anyone can be found guilty of something. I might even be a disturbed person. He has never had to run for office, operate a business, or conduct politics in the real world. He has been paid by the Government and given a blank check to destroy people. It is no wonder that he is not married (as far as I know). It is no wonder he is a work alcoholic ( an addictive aspect of personality) and reveals the dry drunk syndrome. His “High” comes from the hurting of others. If he wants to protect our Country, go after those who falsely led us into multiple wars. Go after Cheney and all his connections and redirecting of Government monies to Corporations. Abraham Lincoln would have been indicted. I am glad the former Governor is fighting back. How much money is going to be spent on this? It does not matter to Fitzgerald. He could care less. Is he a narcissist who needs the attention? Is he delusional fighting the one man corruption show. Again, I hate real corruption. Go after the Catholic Church and all of the pedophile priests. If you want to prosecute, declare that from this day forward, anyone guilty of violating these issues wills be prosecuted. You don’t go backward, after the game has started and been played, and then change the rules. Whether it was right or wrong, this was the reality of politics. Every President has played it as has everybody else. I tend to agree with the new approach but start from a point and go forward. Jesus threw the money changers out of the Temple. Today he would be charged with assault and battery. Wars that are killing innocent civilians are ok with you but lets execute the jaywalkers.It makes me sick. Quit wasting our Government money so you can play out your inner demons.

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