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This Memorial Day support our troops!

In memory of the people who have bravely died to keep us free, take a couple seconds and do something for the tens of thousands of Americans currently serving our country overseas. My suggestion: help send a pizza to our troops overseas with Started in 2008 by an Elk Grove Village retired Air Force Master Sergeant Mark Evans and his son Kent, while watching the news of our soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. They hatched the idea to send our soldiers pizza.

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Karate Kid remake? Are you kidding me?!!?

The Karate Kid should not be remade!

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Rand Paul’s problem with absolutism

Rand Paul believes that business will do the right thing for the sake of corporate profits. To Dr. Paul, business will want to do the right thing to appeal to other customers and increase its profit. Although government may not be good and at times even bad– it is still necessary. The belief that its not– means anarchy, corporate or otherwise.

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Dale Peterson for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner

Dale Peterson for Alabama’s Agriculture Commissioner.

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I “Heart” Sarah P!

I agree with Sarah. Highland Park got it wrong. The people who made this decision put children in the middle of politics. And not only children, but children playing a game– a game they love. Let them play. Take politics out of the classroom– or at the very least, don’t force your politics on other people’s children.

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Dennis Byrne gets it right

Earlier this week I blasted Illinois Democrats for voting against a bill providing a $3,700.00 voucher– opportunity– to 30,000 school children in the worst elementary schools in the city of Chicago. Today, Dennis Byrne blasted Illinois Republicans. Mr. Byrne not only dressed Republicans down, he named Republicans who voted no and provided the amount each received in donations from teachers unions over the years.

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Something Stinks in Springfield (again)

Art Turner and Monique Davis don’t care about the children in their districts. They care about getting reelected– and getting monies from teachers unions to assist in that endeavor– that’s why vouchers were defeated last week.

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Scott Lee Cohen for Governor? Really?

Now that Scott Lee Cohen’s running for governor, why did he quit the race after winning the nomination as a democrat for lieutenant governor? He won the primary election fairly; there were no allegations of impropriety after his February 2010 primary win. But Cohen caved to Michael Madigan. Sounds like Pat Quinn. On second though, maybe Scott Lee Cohen could make a good governor.

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State Rep William Black to Dems in legislature: Dems must stop spending!

On April 22, 2010, I reprinted a comment written by state representative Jack D. Franks regarding the need to stop spending in Illinois. State Representative William B. Black (R-Danville) responded to rep. Franks in today’s Chicago Tribune.

That rebuttal, entitled Less posturing needed to solve budget crisis is provided below.

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Does the Law Apply to the Police? Maybe Not.

In November 2007, off-duty Chicago police officer John Ardelean, was out drinking at River North’s Martini Ranch. Security videotape shows the police officer drinking three beers and four shots in just over two hours. After leaving the bar, Ardelean slammed his vehicle into another killing that vehicle’s two occupants, Miguel Flores and Erick Lagunas. The police officers at the scene did not do a field sobriety test or force Ardelean to blow.

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