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June 2010
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Springfield Ostriches

The ostrich should be our state bird. All of our representatives have had their heads in the ground ignoring a catastrophic problem for too long.

As this problem festers, our representatives are not in Springfield working to plug the $13 billion deficit in the budget. Perhaps its time to send them home permanently, and vote for some people who actually want to work and get the job done.

I had hopes for Pat Quinn about 16 months ago– but other than genuflect around Mike Madigan, he has accomplished nothing. This time last year, the state was without a budget. We are staring at the same predicament now. For over six months, we have known that the state is operating roughly $13 billion in the red.

Pat Quinn: What have you done about it?

“This ongoing fiscal disaster is threatening to permanently harm programs and services serving children, seniors and the disabled and if that is allowed to happen, this state will have failed our most vulnerable citizens.” Dan Hynes said in December 2009.

Back in December 2009, Dan Hynes also noted that Illinois had $5.1 billion– read that again, $5.1 billion– in unpaid bills. And that number did not include the $2.25 billion in short-term loans the state had to repay, plus the additional $1.4 billions (again that word: billion) in unpaid health care bills, and Illinois effective backlog was over $8.75 billion.

Dan Hynes stated: “Without major changes in the way Illinois collects revenues and how it spends those dollars, the state will enter FY2011 on July 1 with the largest amount of unpaid bills from the prior year in history.”

We’re now roughly three weeks from fiscal year 2011 and our legislature has done nothing to help this situation. The legislature has barely addressed it. Did anyone bother to pay attention to Dan Hynes’ dire predictions for FY2011? Why has nothing happened in Springfield?

Mike Madigan, the most powerful man in Illinois

Although I’d like us to vote everyone out, that is not be practical. However, by voting out one man, we will decrease the power of another more powerful man in Springfield. A vote against Pat Quinn is a vote against Michael Madigan– and will restore some power back to us. By voting for Bill Brady in November– not a candidate I particularly liked out of the GOP primary field– Michael Madigan will need Republican support to pass spending bills (or to cut spending)– and more importantly to raise income taxes. We’ve had how many years now with Michael Madigan at the helm? And what’s changed? Enough is enough.

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