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Once, the city of Chicago actually dismissed a parking ticket I received. I was ecstatic! I should not have received it anyway, as I was sitting in my car waiting for my wife to cross our street, go inside to get our mail, cross the street again and return to the car. We were outside for 50 seconds tops. As I pulled away, one of those parking enforcement guys stopped me and gave me a ticket.

I’m not sure when it happened, but Chicago has become that board game Monopoly. Sadly, the Mayor, or someone he knows, owns everything– and we’re not playing with Monopoly money. Need to park for an hour downtown: do not pass GO, pay the Mayor’s friend $10.00 at a parking meter. Did you pay with quarters at a neighborhood meter so you could give a small business owner some business? Do not pass GO, pay the city of Chicago $75.00 for parking over the allotted time. Did you put in an hour’s worth of quarters and got to your car with six minutes to spare? Too bad– everyone knows the meters run fast! But, if you must– appeal the fine. To whom? The guy you have to pay, of course!

It is starting to feel like Richard Daley and Todd Stroger have their hands in our pockets before we even get our pants on in the morning. You’re not gaining weight because your pants are tight– Daley’s hand is in one pocket while Stroger’s is in the other.

The purpose of is so the people around the state can lose some weight by getting all these hands out of our pockets. Enough is enough. Please check here periodically for rants or stories involving our elected officials and our relationship with them. I will try to keep the fare lighter, giving you the dish on our state and local representatives, while trying to do so in a manner that isn’t serious like the Wall Street Journal.

But, should you never read anything from this site again, most importantly, stay involved. Our elected officials are accountable to us, not Mike Madigan. Keep that in mind the next time you pay 10.75% in sales tax; or feed the meter again; or get sent a red light ticket. Remember, these men and women work for us– if we don’t like the job they’re doing, we get to fire them. Make them accountable to you the same way you’re accountable to your boss or clients. Enough is enough!

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