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Archive for 'Chicago Politics'

Your Doubting Thomas on WGN Radio!

I had another opportunity to be on WGN Radio last Saturday discussing Chicago politics. This time, rather than being in a nervous haze for 30 minutes, I had a whole lot of fun. Many thanks to Amy Guth and Alex Quigley for having me on again.

If you didn’t get to hear it, please feel free to take a listen here:,0,7005773.mp3file

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Give Forrest Claypool a chance!

Joe Berrios, the democratic choice we’re left with for Cook County Assessor, is no choice at all. He is part of the Madiagn/Daley machine, who feeds the machine and the people who work for it, rather than the average citizen. In short: Joe Berrios is bad for Cook County. Another choice for assessor– Forrest Claypool– is what the county needs

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Does the Law Apply to the Police? Maybe Not.

In November 2007, off-duty Chicago police officer John Ardelean, was out drinking at River North’s Martini Ranch. Security videotape shows the police officer drinking three beers and four shots in just over two hours. After leaving the bar, Ardelean slammed his vehicle into another killing that vehicle’s two occupants, Miguel Flores and Erick Lagunas. The police officers at the scene did not do a field sobriety test or force Ardelean to blow.

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Run Forrest Run!!!

This week, County Commissioner Forrest Claypool announced that he is running as an independent for Cook County Assessor. He’ll be running mainly against the Democratic candidate, Joseph Berrios. Claypool is running for the position because Berrios would pose such “a clear threat to homeowners and senior citizens throughout the county” if he wins, Claypool felt compelled to run against him.

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Dan Hynes’ dirty campaign

Dan Hynes could have used another method to communicate his message that Pat Quinn is not a good leader. The Washington commercial might have cost Hynes the primary election– considering the backlash after the ad aired. Bringing up memories of the 1980s where the politics of race were played out in the open on the nightly news definitely put and bad taste in a lot of mouths– especially the mouths of the people Hynes used that commercial to reach.

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Finally Feel Good About Your Vote: Toni Preckwinkle for Cook County Board President

Toni Preckwinkle is an excellent candidate. When the Chicago Tribune endorsed Toni Preckwinkle, they were impressed by her no nonsense, hardworking, ethical approach to governing. She is known as fiercely independent– and at times a thorn in Mayor Daley’s side– in the Chicago City Council.

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For some in Cook County, color of skin is more important than content of character

Black pastors in Chicago recently came together to decide on a candidate for the cook county board, there was only one requirement: that the candidate be black.

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Todd Stroger’s Problems Continue to Mount (Roller Skates)

Todd Stroger– I’m coming for you

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Had Enough of Chicago Politics? Why Chicago Needs a Viable Republican Party

We need a viable Republican party in Chicago and Cook County to hold city and county government accountable. Blindly voting democratic locally has left residents of Chicago and Cook County largely represented.

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