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Illinois Representative Jack Franks (D) to Legislature: Stop Spending!

Illinois doesn’t have a revenue problem. It has a spending problem. State revenue this year is at the third-highest level in the history of Illinois. We have more money than we had in 2007. So why do we have a $13 million deficit?

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Rod, You might want to use that right to remain silent!

You have to question the legal strategy of Rod’s one-man media campaign. He’s has proven he’s unbalanced and has done so with his lawyers standing behind him allowing him. As a lawyer, the only thing I understand about the defense of this case is why so many attorneys have left. Unless the strategy is to prove he’s incompetent to stand trial, I don’t what the defense gains by Rod being on television daily. He looks like a buffoon.

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Career change? Apply to be the next Lieutenant Governor! Really!

Apply to run for Lieutenant Governor with Pat Quinn! Seriously! Do you want a job with great benefits even though the company can’t afford to pay them? This job is for you! Do you want a job where you get paid to do literally nothing? This job– like many other state jobs– is for you!

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Now What Illinois Dems?

Because nobody did their job, Scott Lee Cohen has agreed to drop out for the “good of the party.” If he were any other democratic politician, he would have to be dragged away from the general election kicking and screaming. See: Rod Blagojevich, Roland Burris, Todd Stroger. Scott Lee Cohen did the right thing– the ticket would have been unable to win with him on it. But now that he’s off where do the democrats go?

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Primary 2010: The good, the bad, the ugly

If you didn’t vote– as many did not (only 26% in Chicago)– then don’t complain about the results. Voting in elections is more important than voting in American Idol. You’re a citizen of this great nation, do your duty, educate yourself and get out and vote.

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Polls close at 7:00pm today!

Get out and vote!

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The GOP’s Jim Ryan for Adult Supervision in Illinois

What Illinois can’t afford, and what Andy McKenna provides, is childish antics, finger pointing, and name calling. Jim Ryan has the temperament to make good on his promise to fix our state. Our next governor is going to need help fixing the budget. Name calling, pointing fingers and fighting a democratic General Assembly will only get us more budget stalemates. Jim Ryan has the temperment to work with General Assembly to get a good budget in timely, and help work our state out of this mess.

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Democratic Primary for Governor– None of the Above!

Illinois is in a mess; a $12 billion one. The only way out of this mess is voting a republican governor. But in the primary, pick up a democratic ballot for the great races. Quinn v. Hynes: vote none of the above.

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A nice little political vacation is over! Vote February 2nd!

The Illinois primary elections are February 2, 2010, less than three weeks away. Races of particular interest include: Cook County Board President (democratic primary race), U.S. Senate (democratic primary race) and Illinois Governor

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GOP’s Politics of Fear… AGAIN

don’t think it’s too much for Republicans to stop trying to scare the public into supporting its policies. It didn’t work last November, lets hope it doesn’t work now. GOP: use sound arguments (as plenty of sound arguments can be made, especially against Governor Quinn) not fear, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll vote for you. Mark Kirk: shame on you. I expected more.

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