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Rand Paul’s problem with absolutism

Rand Paul believes that business will do the right thing for the sake of corporate profits. To Dr. Paul, business will want to do the right thing to appeal to other customers and increase its profit. Although government may not be good and at times even bad– it is still necessary. The belief that its not– means anarchy, corporate or otherwise.

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I “Heart” Sarah P!

I agree with Sarah. Highland Park got it wrong. The people who made this decision put children in the middle of politics. And not only children, but children playing a game– a game they love. Let them play. Take politics out of the classroom– or at the very least, don’t force your politics on other people’s children.

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Did Crist Leave the GOP or Did the GOP Leave Crist?

When asked why he left the Democratic party, Ronald Reagan responded: I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left me. That’s what happened to Charlie Crist and other moderate Republicans.

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Arizona Immigration Law a Wake Up Call

If the Federal government doesn’t enforce immigration laws, then states are going to take it upon themselves to make laws and enforce them. Meghan McCain is right, illegal immigration is a problem. If you’re breaking the law and get caught, you’re caught.

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Thinking Aloud….. April 10, 2010

The most recent edition of the GOP puts politics over country. The GOP had the opportunity to come to the table to fix the worst financial mess since 1929. However, the GOP saw a crisis so bad, they calculated it politically advantageous to sit out, do nothing, and not take ownership of any of the fixes and then put Barack Obama and Democrats on the hot seat when the economy didn’t turn around.

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Thinking Aloud….. January 24, 2010

Republicans must stop talking about “activist judges.” Look up “activist judge” in the dictionary and you will now see Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and his conservative majority. Last week’s ruling striking down laws limiting corporate political spending went against years of jurisprudence and overruled two supreme court rulings from 1990 and 2003.

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The “Transcendent” Elections of November 2009

Democrats should beware: if the GOP listens to Newt Gingrich rather than Rush Limbaugh it will become a party with an alternative rather than a party of NO! Listening to Rush will do two things: get Rush rich and get the GOP 45% of the vote. Neither win elections.

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GOP Can Do Better Than Betting Against America

Republicans and Democrats alike need to start working for the country again, rather than just winning the day and working for themselves. The current way the Republican party is going– betting against America– is bound to fail.

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Why South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson Matters

Joe Wilson is being criticized for calling the President a liar; when Joe Wilson was wrong. Now, the American people may disregard good arguments republicans have against health care reform.

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