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March 2020
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Tag: Illinois Politics

Illinois: the worst credit risk in the United States

Illinois doesn’t face many of the challenges that typify “states in peril.” Unlike California, Illinois cannot blame its budget woes on a particularly volatile revenue system or on outsize exposure to the housing bubble. Illinois’s crisis is unique in that it is purely a creature of mismanagement by elected officials.

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Illinois: The Deadbeat State

And where are our legislators? Not in Springfield doing the job that we pay then to do– I wonder if they are collecting their checks?– but rather back home raising funds for the November election.

It just doesn’t seem right. And unfortunately, far too things just don’t seem right with respect to our state. And our legislators, from the governor on down, just aren’t doing enough to change that feeling I have.

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Springfield Ostriches

I’d like us to vote everyone out, that is not be practical. However, by voting out one man, we will decrease the power of another more powerful man in Springfield. A vote against Pat Quinn is a vote against Michael Madigan– and will restore some power back to us.

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Something Stinks in Springfield (again)

Art Turner and Monique Davis don’t care about the children in their districts. They care about getting reelected– and getting monies from teachers unions to assist in that endeavor– that’s why vouchers were defeated last week.

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Illinois Representative Jack Franks (D) to Legislature: Stop Spending!

Illinois doesn’t have a revenue problem. It has a spending problem. State revenue this year is at the third-highest level in the history of Illinois. We have more money than we had in 2007. So why do we have a $13 million deficit?

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Polls close at 7:00pm today!

Get out and vote!

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A nice little political vacation is over! Vote February 2nd!

The Illinois primary elections are February 2, 2010, less than three weeks away. Races of particular interest include: Cook County Board President (democratic primary race), U.S. Senate (democratic primary race) and Illinois Governor

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