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January 2020
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Tag: Michael Madigan

Give Forrest Claypool a chance!

Joe Berrios, the democratic choice we’re left with for Cook County Assessor, is no choice at all. He is part of the Madiagn/Daley machine, who feeds the machine and the people who work for it, rather than the average citizen. In short: Joe Berrios is bad for Cook County. Another choice for assessor– Forrest Claypool– is what the county needs

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Springfield Ostriches

I’d like us to vote everyone out, that is not be practical. However, by voting out one man, we will decrease the power of another more powerful man in Springfield. A vote against Pat Quinn is a vote against Michael Madigan– and will restore some power back to us.

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Scott Lee Cohen for Governor? Really?

Now that Scott Lee Cohen’s running for governor, why did he quit the race after winning the nomination as a democrat for lieutenant governor? He won the primary election fairly; there were no allegations of impropriety after his February 2010 primary win. But Cohen caved to Michael Madigan. Sounds like Pat Quinn. On second though, maybe Scott Lee Cohen could make a good governor.

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State Rep William Black to Dems in legislature: Dems must stop spending!

On April 22, 2010, I reprinted a comment written by state representative Jack D. Franks regarding the need to stop spending in Illinois. State Representative William B. Black (R-Danville) responded to rep. Franks in today’s Chicago Tribune.

That rebuttal, entitled Less posturing needed to solve budget crisis is provided below.

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Career change? Apply to be the next Lieutenant Governor! Really!

Apply to run for Lieutenant Governor with Pat Quinn! Seriously! Do you want a job with great benefits even though the company can’t afford to pay them? This job is for you! Do you want a job where you get paid to do literally nothing? This job– like many other state jobs– is for you!

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Now What Illinois Dems?

Because nobody did their job, Scott Lee Cohen has agreed to drop out for the “good of the party.” If he were any other democratic politician, he would have to be dragged away from the general election kicking and screaming. See: Rod Blagojevich, Roland Burris, Todd Stroger. Scott Lee Cohen did the right thing– the ticket would have been unable to win with him on it. But now that he’s off where do the democrats go?

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Democratic Primary for Governor– None of the Above!

Illinois is in a mess; a $12 billion one. The only way out of this mess is voting a republican governor. But in the primary, pick up a democratic ballot for the great races. Quinn v. Hynes: vote none of the above.

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Illinois Has Campaign Finance Reform

Governor Pat Quinn initially demanded campaign finance reform. Why was he silent when it was finally crafted and delivered? Does that silence tell us something about his effectiveness?

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Michael Madigan’s Ethics Reform Bill– Reform or Power Grab?

“Vote for Pay” to combat “Pay to Play”? Under the current proposal, Michael Madigan has the power to withhold monies from a democratic candidate for a House seat because that representative might have failed to back Speaker Madigan on particular issues.

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