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May 2010
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This Memorial Day support our troops!

Memorial Day. Many of us think about it as the three day weekend that begins summer. A weekend full of barbeques and beer. But, Memorial Day commemorates soldiers who have died while serving our country. So, sometime this weekend, as we drink beer and eat burgers, brats, chicken and hot dogs, remember that hundreds of thousands of men and women have died for an ideal: that a nation could be governed by its citizens as we pursue life, liberty and happiness. Because of their sacrifice, we are able to live free (note the death toll in Afghanistan recently reached 1000 for U.S. troops), something we all take for granted.

In memory of the people who have bravely died to keep us free, take a couple seconds and do something for the tens of thousands of Americans currently serving our country overseas.

My suggestion: help send a pizza to our troops overseas with Started in 2008 in Elk Grove Village by a retired Air Force Master Sergeant Mark Evans and his son Kent, after watching the news of our soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. They hatched the idea to send our soldiers Lou Malnati’s pizza, so they would know that we haven’t forgotten about them.  They have partnered with Lou Malnati’s, which provides the pizza at a discount and DHL Worldwide Express, which delivers the pizzas free. 

Mark Evans delivering pizza.

As of May 2010, Mark and Kent Evans, through Pizza4Patriots, have sent over 41,500 of Chicago Deep Dish pizzas to our troops.

There are a couple ways to donate: by going to or by sending a check payable to Pizza 4 Patriots to the following:

Pizza 4 Patriots, P.O. Box 542, Elk Grove Village, IL 60009.

The website also provides an area to write a thank you to our troops.

So, as you purchase this weekend’s food, think for a second of our troops overseas. Please either jump online or send a quick check to pizza4patriots to show our support. Without our men and women in service, we would not have the freedom we so often take for granted.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

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